WaterHCI Timeline

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WaterHCI = Water-Human-Computer Interaction

Mersivity is the 3D interactive exploration of timeline and taxonomy of nature (e.g. environment / earth / water / physicality) + humans + technology

Water is a great example of nature / environment because you can fully immerse yourself in water (e.g. swim), or water can fully immerse itself in you (e.g. drink). The drop (e.g. water), circle (human), and rectangle (technology) form a taxonomy / ontology / graph space defined by 3 double-sided axes, such as the following water-human proximity axis. It has the two sides Swim (human into water) versus "Drink" (water into human). The center of the axis denotes zero or small proximity, such as when humans enjoy water from a distance, e.g. sunbathing by the lake, or casting a fishing line from dry land, as shown below. (This is a double-sided extension of the 2015 Jaffe et al. taxonomy further developed as part of WaterHCI2022 discussion[cite].)

Example of the double-sided proximity axis:

WaterHCI taxonomy/ontology/graph (click any blue text to access hyperlinks):

Explore the above interactively in 3D (still under development, so quite rough presently)